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Loss of old tugboat in fire is painful to fans of wooden watercraft

Andrew Carnegie wouldn't approve of the reason wooden boats have declined in popularity. The Scottish-American industrialist, who in the late 19th century led the expansion of the American steel industry, was no stranger to hard work. But Carnegie, who at one point earned the title of world's richest...


Omaha a lasting memory for Connor Seabold of his late mother, Erin Brown


  • Reader Report: Celebrating Costa Mesa drummer Viola Smith

    Reader Report: Celebrating Costa Mesa drummer Viola Smith

    Viola Smith, who will turn 103 later this month, received a mayor's proclamation Oct. 31 from Costa Mesa Chief Executive Officer Tom Hatch for being a living legend at a special tribute at the Orange County Market Place. Smith, one of America's most famous female drummers, has been on the cover...

  • Commentary: Domestic violence also harms children who witness it

    I was not born mute, but throughout my youth I did not have a voice. Any desire that I had to express myself vanished. My self-confidence was hindered, and I was fearful to speak up for myself. This meant not asking for permission to use the restroom in school, nor asking for help in math class....

  • Commentary: Join the O.C. walk to combat Type 1 diabetes

    On Aug. 16, 2004, Type 1 diabetes (T1D) hit our family like a wrecking ball. It forced itself into our lives, and has never left, and will not leave until we have a cure. Until a cure, our family has made it our mission to advocate and educate people on Type 1 diabetes. November is National Diabetes...

  • Commentary: Universal mental health screening would get children services

    While presidential candidates were reacting to yet another school shooting, and HBO talk show host John Oliver was exposing the mental health problem in the United States, key national leaders in school mental health recently met at the University of Maryland to conduct a training to improve the...

  • Commentary: Tear down Costa Mesa's problem motels

    You do not have more than 500 9-1-1 calls a year if you're a safe place to live. You don't have Yelp reviews mentioning broken wires, non-working smoke detectors, bedbugs, fleas and heroin needles in the mattresses, if you're safe. Yet protesters will have you believe that the Costa Mesa Motor Inn...


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A show for the kurious at Cirque du Soleil

A show for the kurious at Cirque du Soleil

For audience members, Cirque du Soleil's big top is a temporary fixture that transforms an otherwise vacant Costa Mesa parking lot into a surreal world of acrobatics, music and contortionism. But for Karl L'ecuyer, and the 109 other performers and staff associated with the Cirque installation,...


Newport Beach man charged in assault on Uber driver

Newport Beach man charged in assault on Uber driver

A Newport Beach man was charged Tuesday in connection with an assault on an Uber driver that was recorded on a dashboard camera and posted online. Benjamin Golden, 32, was charged with four misdemeanor counts, including assault on public transportation property, battery on a public transit employee...